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I Don’t Want To Go Home!

If there is one place I like to be on a daily basis it’s my house. Some may refer to their house as home. For me, my home means more than just my house. I have a very nice house. It has two full kitchens, three full baths, hardwood floors, upgraded everything, a very beautiful deck on the 2nd level that affords a view of more than an acre of the most beautiful gardens and extended yard. But more…my house is home to my full and extended family, all who live together in peace and harmony. As I turn down my street headed home, my excitement grows as I pull into my driveway, or front yard depending on how many cars may have filled my usual parking spot in the driveway. As I climb the short stairway to my front door, I never know how many or if any of my family members will be there. At times, everyone is home. My wife, Sheila; my son, Troy; my two daughters, Lauren, and Lindsey; my son-in-law, Stephen; as well as my grandson, Jackson Thomas, recently arrived in this world as of September 14th, 2012. But  there are those rare times when all of my family are absent. Most are usually at work or at play. Some maybe shopping or dining out as our daily lifestyle dictates. But home is where I love to be as much as possible. However, there are those times when I do not want to go home. Let me explain.

As nice as my house is and as wonderful as my home may be with regard to my family, we all have our struggles with all the various challenges people face from time to time. Financial challenges, sticky relationship events, bill collectors, weather concerns, and almost on a daily basis, how much room is left in our individual areas of the two refrigerators and pantry shelves. These are major life changing, global concerns for our family! Well, not really. As I mentioned before, ours is a peaceful family and we’ve learned how to get along with each other over the years. So how do seven different people manage to stay focused on peaceful living and mostly joyous days and nights? The answer is that God rules and reigns in our home. But that is the main reason why, at times, usually once a week, I just do not want to go home. The reason is based on a wonderful experience I have on a continuing basis. This experience happened again this past weekend.

The experience! Last Sunday morning I was sitting in the front row of the sanctuary in my church home, The Lighthouse Church of All Nations. Next to me was a good and true friend. Behind me were other close friends. My family was seated a few rows back having arrived  on time but not early as is usually my habit when I have extended responsibilities. The choir was singing one of my favorite uptempo songs and they were “on”! The congregation was pumped, many standing and some even dancing in the aisles. One dear friend of my mine actually danced all across the front of the sanctuary directly in front of me. Oh, how I wanted to join her in that dance, my lack of dancing skills notwithstanding. Then, at the time for the sermon, nine different speakers each gave a three-minute testimony of what the Lord had recently done in their lives. I had met with this nine-member team for several weeks as their coach for content and timing for their speeches. I was so very proud of them. Then when my senior pastor, Dan Willis came up to close out the service, he was so complimentary of each speaker which, of course, was a small reflection of my efforts in helping them to make good use of his usual preaching time. It was at that point that I did not want to go home! Why? The surroundings were fantastic! The spiritual ambiance was simply electrifying! The Holy Spirit anointing was almost more than I could bare! Wonderful, amazing, heavenly, uplifting! Need I say more? I wanted to stay there…..forever!

The same thing happened to three men almost 2,000 years ago on a place called The Mount of Transfiguration in Luke, Chapter 9. Jesus took Peter, James, and John up on a mountain to pray. While there, Jesus suddenly became transfigured into His heavenly form and talked with Elijah and Moses about His soon coming death. When the meeting was over, Peter blurted out about building tabernacles in which to live on this mountain. He simply and understandably did not want to go home. I know the feeling. But they were suddenly enclosed in a cloud and heard the voice of God saying to listen to Jesus. So they did. They came down off the mountain and went about doing good.

Here’s the thing: no matter how great my experiences are “at church”, I must go home…eventually. Because home is where life makes up its mind. And as Andy Dufresne (actor Tim Robbins) said in the great redemption film, The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” There  is no other choice in life. So I’m headed home to do just that. I’m very busy living! Living and directing my family members so that one day we can all go home….to my heavenly home which is currently being prepared for me by my Lord and Master. I hear it may be just about ready for us! We’ll have you over soon! Are YOU ready?

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So what is the “bottom line”? It’s that horizontal line at the bottom of the contract. You know the one. The line on which you sign your name agreeing to the terms of the contract. It can also be the line on which you sign to give your permission for just about anything else in life. Acknowledgement of a traffic violation, or receipt of an important package. Perhaps, it may even be your promise to love, honor, and obey the person to whom you’ve just been wed. However, it is to another bottom line that I speak today. It might even be the most important bottom line of the near future.

In today’s world of extreme busyness, everyone is more interested in the “bottom line” than in the details. Oh, not that the details are less important. For example, if we are talking politics, and who isn’t lately, these details or platforms or ideologies…

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The Bottom Line

So what is the “bottom line”? It’s that horizontal line at the bottom of the contract. You know the one. The line on which you sign your name agreeing to the terms of the contract. It can also be the line on which you sign to give your permission for just about anything else in life. Acknowledgement of a traffic violation, or receipt of an important package. Perhaps, it may even be your promise to love, honor, and obey the person to whom you’ve just been wed. However, it is to another bottom line that I speak today. It might even be the most important bottom line of the near future.

In today’s world of extreme busyness, everyone is more interested in the “bottom line” than in the details. Oh, not that the details are less important. For example, if we are talking politics, and who isn’t lately, these details or platforms or ideologies are paramount to our understanding of how to vote for a particular candidate. I was talking with a close friend today about just that; the platforms of both major political parties in the 2012 presidential election. There are other candidates running for this esteemed, most powerful office in the civilized or other world. But lacking financial, nationwide support, little will come of their efforts except to draw votes away from the “other two”.

Yet, how can we not be fully aware of the details of such an office, the winner of which will give leadership and direction for the next four years? I fear that most of us are oblivious to this most vital “bottom line”. We refuse to take the proper time to understand what each political party is about. Therefore, we choose to make our decisions based on “other” things. Race, entitlements, historical factors, and general opinions of the mainstream media moguls. (We can certainly trust the mainstream media, right?) I would like to suggest a better bottom line if that’s what we all want. And here it is.

My friend, also a Christian Pastor like me, agrees with me that only one factor is important in this election.  That factor is, of course, Almighty Jehovah God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Now then, what does God think and what does He have to say about this election? Much! And I quote His very words found written in

Genesis 12:3 NIV

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all Peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
Here in this passage, God is speaking directly to Abraham with reference to Israel. In other places and often, God continued to promise that those who would bless Israel, He would bless. Those who would curse Israel….well, you get the idea. Therefore, the bottom line for who to vote for in this election is clear to me. I must vote for the candidate who is most likely to bless Israel. Neither political party thrills me. The Democratic Party Platform is of the extreme far left liberal flavor. The Republican Party is not that much better except in their conservative views on faith. No longer can I be encouraged about the details of any party. I must rest on the bottom line of godly principles. And that is how I will vote. Godly principles and the man who comes the closest to maintaining the blessing of God for this nation.Who knows for sure but it might just be one of the “other” candidates running for president. That, my friends, is the bottom line. Not only do I rest in my choice, I am assured that when facing God one day, I will receive a blessing for blessing His children. Naturally, I have made sure that all other salvation issues being previously established through the blood purchased contract for my eternal life have been sealed by my faith.
If you are looking for a “bottom line” on which to make your choice for this nations’ future, I give you one and only one option. How does God feel about these things? Since you have read this blog, You know! Therefore,
Sign here on the bottom line if you agree.
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An Angelic Encounter

In 1984, Sheila, our 1 yr old son, Troy, and I were to fly from Montgomery, Alabama to Los Angeles for a 2 week vacation. We had earned the tickets on Delta Airlines for giving up our seats early that past year. The tickets had to be used or lost. The night before our flight my brother in Texas called to say my dad had passed away and would I be able to come for the funeral. Calls to the airlines for a flight to Houston resulted in a very high ticket price that would have taken all of our vacation money. I was prompted by the Lord to check on flights from L.A. to Houston and did find a red eye special midnight flight for $100 roundtrip. We all flew to L.A. as planned, I left Sheila and Troy with friends; and then I flew to Houston that night for the funeral. After the 3 days of funeral/family, I was taken back to the Houston airport by a relative who lived there. During the 2 hr drive to Houston, I was busy and excitedly showing all the persons in her car all the photos of our young son who they had never seen. I was dropped off at the airport and went in to check on my flight. My return flight back to L.A. had been cancelled and the only option was to be transferred to another airline. When I reached for my wallet to show my I.D., my wallet was missing! All of my I.D’s, credit cards, and cash were gone! After several frantic phone calls to my brother and his calls to my aunt in Houston, it was discovered that I had dropped my wallet in the floorboard of her car. By this time, only 45 minutes remained before I had to transfer my ticket, get a boarding pass and get on the flight. My aunt was delayed by traffic and she arrived at the airport with less than 5 minutes before my flight was to depart. I grabbed the wallet, got my exchange ticket and raced down to the new airline counter. With two minutes remaining, I was in a line to get a boarding pass and knew I would miss that flight and would have to wait until the next day to depart. All of a sudden a well dressed gentleman tapped me on my shoulder and said he knew I was trying to get on that flight to L.A. and he could help me. He told me he had not one but two tickets to L.A. on that very flight and also the necessary boarding passes attached. With absolutely no time for explanations, I grabbed the tickets, said thanks, and ran up the ramp to see the door being closed. I shouted, “Wait!” and the stewardess allowed me to board (strangely not asking to see any I.D.) I collapsed in my seat out of breath and wondering what had just happened?!
I sat there in my seat with one extra ticket from the man, and my own ticket I had not used. On our flight home from L.A. we had planned a stopover in Las Vegas to visit friends. The man worked for Delta Airlines on which we had originally planned our vacation flights. He was amazed with us at the events of the Houston experience. But he also was able to get a refund for me for my original ticket I had not used. Then he was able to put us in first class for our trip back to Alabama. When we arrived home, there was a $50.00 check in the mail from a distant relative who had heard about my father’s passing. So, my trip to Houston for my Dad’s funeral had been a free trip with a little bit (sorry a BIG bit of help from God) of angelic intervention. I kept that unused ticket and boarding pass for quite some time intending to research the name, etc. in Houston. But I never made an inquiry and wonder if God just wanted me to enjoy the experience as a divine blessing without trying to figure it all out. It always pays to serve God.

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Directed From Above

When anyone is called by God to service, there are three decisions that can be made. First of all, there is the answer back to God, “No”. With that decision there is the unenviable result of living one’s life outside of God’s covenant of protection, guidance, equipping, enabling, and eternal reward. But there is also added to that decision certain other results, to wit, the knowledge and belief that God does not know what is best for a life. How sad that the person who says “no” to God must also arrange their own life without the best blessing that God had intended? And yet, God, in His divine mercy, often strives to bring that person to a submissive state that will yield a different answer; yes. The justifiable methods of God may include but are not limited to hardship, illness, financial stress, and a general lack of peace in one’s life. The person who continually chooses to ignore God in spite of God’s wooing and calling is destined for an unfulfilled life.

There are two other choices that can be made when God calls. There is the “yes” with limitations. Yes, I’ll follow as long as it is comfortable, non-threatening to family affairs, and limited to certain fields, tasks, and/or locations to which the call might require. This “yes” is not unlike a “no” answer. For all practical and spiritual purposes, this version of yes answer is, in fact, a no.

Finally, there is the absolute “yes”. Yes, I will follow, yes, I will go. This is the most intriguing of any of the answers to God’s call. Why? Simple; it opens Heaven’s bountiful blessing for the person called and begins for that person a journey that will never end. This journey begins in this present life and continues throughout eternity as God directs this life forevermore. It is to this decision that I will speak for it is a decision that I made in 1966. As I write today, it is 2009. Simple math reveals that I have been on this journey for 43 years. And today I am rich beyond belief, full of peace and joy, strength and health, prosperity and fullness, that has continued unabated for more than four decades. Well, almost. I say almost because there have been countless times when I had no idea whatsoever what was coming next. There were many times when finances were strained, peace was a pipe dream, health seemed at an end, and joy seemed to be located on some distant star. Such is the life at times for the called of God.

Volumes could be written and consumed without ever touching all the great reasons why the call of God is often a hard struggle laced with unbelievable pressure to give it all up for a more reasonable, easier lifestyle. Even today as I dropped in to do a bulk mailing for our church, the thought came to my mind; “Look at those postal workers; civil servants who work for the government for perhaps 25 or 30 years, have great benefits all that time and retire with a very nice pension plus social security.” Really? What may appear to me on the surface may not be true in reality. And yet, from time to time, this thought tries hard to be implanted in my mind. It is attempted in most instances by the enemy of my soul who raises the question, “Has it been worth what you have given up?” When my mind clears, I understand and say, “Yes, it has been worth it all and there is more blessing to come.” I will give an example.

When the Lord first called me in 1966, I had not the immediate inclination or motivation to do anything except tell my future wife and my senior pastor, James Hamill. It happened like this. I was singing as part of the 90 voice sanctuary choir at First Assembly of God in Memphis. During a choir festival one Sunday evening, I felt an undeniable presence of God in my spirit. God called me to a life of full time service. Music was to be the concentration. That was it. No when, where, or how. It would take several years to fully understand why God said only that. I would eventually learn that God provides the when, where, and how. What God wanted from me was the answer. My answer was yes. Later in life I would come to know the national anthem for the called of God.

Lead me Lord, I will follow,
Lead me Lord, I will go;
You have called me, I will answer.
Lead me Lord, I will go.

God has guided me for all of my life, not just the four decades of full time ministry. I first began to learn of this “guiding” after completing two and a half years of service as a United States Navy musician. My final year and a half was to be spent at a location of my personal choosing, guaranteed by my previous good service to the Naval Music Department. Being from Texas, I choose the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi which had a navy band attached. I was assured by my supervisory orders that my assignment was fixed at that location. However, when the final orders came down attached to my travel documents, my new assignment was to be the naval air station in Memphis, Tennessee! How did that happen? God. Why did that happen? Only God knows all the answers but some of the evident factors were that He wanted me to come back closer to Him. The place he chose was Memphis, home of the First Assembly of God. What was there for me? Among many other things were my future wife, Sheila, this great church with a music department that took me in and made use of my talent, and, Paul Ferrin, the Minister of Music who nurtured me, taught me, and loved me back into church life. And it was right in the middle of this church life that God choose to call me to full time service. And still today, I serve gladly this great God Almighty who always makes the heart glad and full in spite of the difficulty of life. In my next blog entry, I will give some great examples of how He has led my family and me to places never imagined. What a miraculous and wonderful life it has been; and it continues to be so. I will also show how that to follow the Lord completely, timely miracles are sent to show the servant that this wonderful journey is a path created by God alone.

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Our Journey Began With a Trip to Las Vegas

It was 1977. Sheila and I had just sold our house in Memphis. Without fully understanding what we were about to do, we gave ourselves ten days to load the largest U-Haul truck and trailer, drive to Las Vegas, find a house, buy the house, close, move in, and return the trucks. All in just ten days! We actually did it in nine days. Well, God did it. Here’s what happened.


Let me say that we embarked on this adventure after much prayer and feeling deep peace in making the move. Without that, we might have died in the process.


Days one through four. After a difficult four day trip, we arrived in Las Vegas without ever having been there. The only people we knew were two couples we had known while attending The University of Memphis. Gary was working as a trombonist at the Riviera Hotel. His wife, Susan, was not working. Andy was playing his trumpet around town in jazz joints hoping to secure a job with one of the hotel bands as had Gary earlier. His wife, Cathy, was attending dealer’s school. We saw both couples that first evening but not much afterwards except for an occasional dinner out. The only other “contact” was God. And He was enough, for sure.

On day four of our 10 day adventure, when we met with a real estate agent, we were almost laughed out of the city when we admitted having only $3,000.00 with which to buy a house. In fact, had we used all $10,000 of our available funds, we might have been able to secure a “fixer upper” house. We spent the day looking at two or three, most of which had no doors, windows, or working plumbing. After leaving that agency somewhat embarrassed, we finally made a call to an agency we had previously contacted by mail before leaving Memphis. On day five, we met a wonderful lady but she had not anything different to show us. While sitting in her office, the three of us pondered what to do next. Two choices were clear; return to Memphis or wait for a miracle to happen. Shortly after silently praying for wisdom and mental recovery, the agent’s nephew, a new graduate from real estate school with only one account to his portfolio, walked into our agent’s office with an announcement. His one client, who wanted and desperately needed to sell his small house, had just changed his requirements for the sale of his house. He now required only $3,000 for a down payment and would carry a huge 2nd mortgage for the buyer with a monthly payment of $300.00. It took all of 5 seconds for our agent to ask if we’d like to see the house. Having absolutely nothing else, it took us about 4 seconds to say, “Can we go right now?”

It was evening on that fifth day when we arrived at the very small house at 1708 Leslie Ave. Our heart sank as we viewed a green house with grass as tall as the front door. I had to almost carry Sheila from the car to the front door. You see, we had sold a house with 3,600 square feet and were now considering a house with about 900 square feet. I remember Sheila saying, “I will never live in that house!” On the way back to the hotel we began to doubt ourselves about our most recent decisions. We did not doubt God. He never makes a mistake; people often do. After calling Sheila’s mother back in Memphis, she assured us that we all knew God had directed our move to Las Vegas when all others felt it was wrong. We prayed with her and fell asleep, so worn out physically, mentally, but were given a special non-fragile gift of peace. Thoughts of what to do next were quickly erased by God’s divine application of deep and peaceful sleep.

The next morning, day six, the sun was so bright and cheerful as we made our way back to see the house one more time, knowing it was the only house in Las Vegas available to us. Upon arriving at the house, we began to see possibilities. The grass could be cut; the house could be painted; and the back yard was surrounded by a tall brick wall. There was no garage; but the house, though very small, could be decorated. Inspired by these implanted encouragements, we made the deal. Our agent took our offer to the owner and requested a quick close. Throughout day six, the owner had some concerns due to the fact that neither Sheila nor I had a job. But the agent spoke highly for us and he relented. We went to the title company on the morning of day seven, signed the papers, got the keys, and checked out of our motel that afternoon. Although it was only the two of us working, we began unloading our truck and trailer and finished up the morning of day nine. By noon we had returned the truck and trailer to the location designated and suddenly realized that we had done this all in nine days with one day left over. Thank God! With God there is always more than enough.

I said all of that to say this: When God is directing, things just work out. What God did for us is simple but also hard to understand. He blinded us to the reality of how impossible a task we had. We never even considered how difficult it would have been to do all of what we did in just 10 days. Miracle? You bet! Were we thankful? What do YOU think? These events in our beginning days of ministry have continued to inspire us for the last 31 years. I hope it can be of some inspiration to you. With God, all things are possible. And when the “thing” is something He has ordained, He will surely bring it to pass.

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The Prime of Life

We’ve all heard the expression, the “Prime of Life”. What does it mean? For most of us, I think it simply means the younger years where health, appearance, vigor, and general life outlook is at the best. If we’re over 40 or 50, and observe younger, perfect physical specimens in their 20’s or even 30’s, we often wish we could go back to those years, especially with the knowledge about life that we now possess. I often notice film actors early in their careers and wonder if, when they reach their golden years, they have that same wish. That wish to look and feel young and vibrant again. I look at myself. My background photo on my space was taken in the “younger” prime of my own life when I took a 10 day trip to Hawaii. “Oh”, I say to myself….”to look and feel that great again” But it’s not possible. Or, is it?

Is there really some type of “fountain of youth” elixir, potion, or other process that could keep me young or even return me to my physical “prime of life”? Well, my friends, I am happy to report to you that yes, in fact, there is a way to return to our prime of life and live in that happy state….FOREVER! Now, hang on and understand the way to that eternal prime state of existence. It will not disappoint. It will not deceive. And once there, one can never be removed from that life. It is the eternal life that is provided, arranged, and given freely to all who will receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and Master their life. There IS life after death. There is a renewing of our old physical body and mortal state of existence when He takes us to Heaven to live with Him forever. He said in His Word that He came to offer life, and life abundant!

Okay, now perhaps I’ve lost some of you. But regardless of how you feel about such things, these things are true. Your personal belief, one way or the other, will not change these facts. If you would like more “factual” information about how to obtain this eternal life, send me a message and I’ll give you simple steps to this abundant life. I WILL tell this though….one must die to receive this new life. But, as nature so vividly tells us, death often brings new life. Here in Chicago, my lush green lawn dies every winter…but in early spring, it rebounds to that fresh, green state of life again. In a similar but more exciting way, death as a true follower of Christ brings eternal life as we receive a “new and improved” body that will clearly reveal to all that we have been transformed to our “Prime of Life”. Oh, there is an alternative; but, you would not want that under any circumstance.

You may have missed out on many wonderful and great opportunities in life, like being best friends with your favorite movie star or getting front row seats to a Barbra Streisand concert with a private party afterwards….but you don’t have to miss out on the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to you. I’ve made my plans for the prime of life forever. Have you?

Have a blessed day….but more; a blessed eternal LIFE!





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Thoughts to Ramp Up An Ordinary Day

The other day I was thinking about how mundane and ordinary most of our days seem to be. Oh, other days can be quite exciting and wonderful, especially when God really moves in and allows one to sense His essence. But at other times, I often struggle to wonder if I’ll ever have fun again like I did when much younger. Although today is not one of those boring and uninteresting days, I began to think of some of the great things I’ve been blessed to actually do. I call them, Memories of a Lifetime. I’ll share some of  them with you:


God Calling Me into Ministry
My Wife Sheila
My three Kids!                                                                                                                         All Those Wonderful Times in New York!
Playing Lead Trombone in The Memphis Opera Orchestra
Taking a chopper ride in the Gulf and landing on an oil rig
Scuba Diving-Bahamas
Producing “A Time For Christmas”
Marty Faulkner’s Fantastic Sets & Props!
Producing & Directing “Liberty” in Orlando
Working With Tony Bennett
Working with Bob Hope
Meeting and Working With Elvis
Living/working in Las Vegas
Lunching w/Donna Douglass
10 days in Hawaii with Sheila
Hanging out with friends in St Thomas/The Virgin Islands
Shopping in Key West Florida
Gathering shells on Sanibel Island
Yachting in the Pacific
All those great dinners in Malibu
United States Navy Band
Directing Gary Loftin’s role as Herod
Seeing my daughters in Grease/Les Miserables
Suez Canal Tour
Oh, those times in Cannes, France! (and the seaside town of Nice, also)
Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge
Barcelona Spain Bullfight
Embassy Party-Honduras
Two weeks in Quebec!
Writing the plays, “The Homecoming” and “Coming Home”

Now then; as I think back on those wonderful times, I feel again the thrill of living; really living and taking in the experiences God as allowed me to enjoy. How could I ever complain again? But as much fun and thrill that came from those memories, there is yet so much more to enjoy in my future. Really, Tom? Yes, really. It all begins when I die.

WHAT! Die? Yes, die. Actually, that’s when I begin to live. Heaven. It’s not a pipe dream or just a wish. By having accepted Jesus Christ, I have all the promises so vividly expressed in God’s word concerning my eternal abode. In my new city of residence there will be streets of gold, no night, the warm glow of God’s visual presence as well as a reunion forever with my previously departed family and friends. My dear Uncle Bob who died tragically when I was only 12. And countless other unfulfilled relationships. Talk about priceless!

I tell you the truth, there is no way to really understand the complete joy that is being planned for me in that wonderful place. At present, my “mansion” is under construction. It will be a “dream” house. The decorations will be with my favorite colors. The tile and wood will be all that I ever wanted. Those who are assigned by my Lord to do the construction are using celestial tools to complete the work. Fresh spring flowers are being permanently placed in various places and will forever give off their fragrance; no leaves or blooms will ever drop.

The furniture will be all that I ever wanted and more….leather assignments will be done with no animals having died in the process. The dining room will be spacious and have room enough for all my invited guests. Those guests will include David, Joseph, Lazarus, Daniel, Luke, and a host of other divine luminaries. There will be no cancellations due to illness, work, or stressed relationships. Jesus will come from time to time as His schedule permits; and I will know His schedule long before the planning of my dinners. Those who will prepare the meals and serve will be designated angels. There will be no waste or garbage or clean-up. We will talk of the ongoing greatness and peace of the Kingdom and of memories that may be permitted for discussion. When Jesus attends, there will be answers to group questions as He directs. Others who may attend will be family, friends, and you, of course, if you are part of that select Bride of Christ family. (Make sure you at least have your “heavenly reservation” to the Kingdom!)

So, tell me? If all of this is true, then why do I hesitate to go there just now? Good question, glad you asked. I think if we could all just go to sleep one evening and wake up in Heaven the next morning, we’d all be tempted to go. Well, especially when dark days and times approach. Ah, that is the thing we secretly think about, is it not? But as you well know, we are so attached here to our loved ones; family, friends, hopes and desires yet unfulfilled in this life. You could probably think of hundreds of other great reasons why God sustains our lives here. We remain, I think, so as to fulfill as that He has designed for us. But that day will come soon enough.

Now then, regardless of the great times you’ve had on this planet. Regardless of your unfulfilled dreams; make sure you have your reservation! Let’s plan some good times together! If not here…then there for sure.

God Bless You!


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