Posted by: directortom | January 29, 2009

An Angelic Encounter

In 1984, Sheila, our 1 yr old son, Troy, and I were to fly from Montgomery, Alabama to Los Angeles for a 2 week vacation. We had earned the tickets on Delta Airlines for giving up our seats early that past year. The tickets had to be used or lost. The night before our flight my brother in Texas called to say my dad had passed away and would I be able to come for the funeral. Calls to the airlines for a flight to Houston resulted in a very high ticket price that would have taken all of our vacation money. I was prompted by the Lord to check on flights from L.A. to Houston and did find a red eye special midnight flight for $100 roundtrip. We all flew to L.A. as planned, I left Sheila and Troy with friends; and then I flew to Houston that night for the funeral. After the 3 days of funeral/family, I was taken back to the Houston airport by a relative who lived there. During the 2 hr drive to Houston, I was busy and excitedly showing all the persons in her car all the photos of our young son who they had never seen. I was dropped off at the airport and went in to check on my flight. My return flight back to L.A. had been cancelled and the only option was to be transferred to another airline. When I reached for my wallet to show my I.D., my wallet was missing! All of my I.D’s, credit cards, and cash were gone! After several frantic phone calls to my brother and his calls to my aunt in Houston, it was discovered that I had dropped my wallet in the floorboard of her car. By this time, only 45 minutes remained before I had to transfer my ticket, get a boarding pass and get on the flight. My aunt was delayed by traffic and she arrived at the airport with less than 5 minutes before my flight was to depart. I grabbed the wallet, got my exchange ticket and raced down to the new airline counter. With two minutes remaining, I was in a line to get a boarding pass and knew I would miss that flight and would have to wait until the next day to depart. All of a sudden a well dressed gentleman tapped me on my shoulder and said he knew I was trying to get on that flight to L.A. and he could help me. He told me he had not one but two tickets to L.A. on that very flight and also the necessary boarding passes attached. With absolutely no time for explanations, I grabbed the tickets, said thanks, and ran up the ramp to see the door being closed. I shouted, “Wait!” and the stewardess allowed me to board (strangely not asking to see any I.D.) I collapsed in my seat out of breath and wondering what had just happened?!
I sat there in my seat with one extra ticket from the man, and my own ticket I had not used. On our flight home from L.A. we had planned a stopover in Las Vegas to visit friends. The man worked for Delta Airlines on which we had originally planned our vacation flights. He was amazed with us at the events of the Houston experience. But he also was able to get a refund for me for my original ticket I had not used. Then he was able to put us in first class for our trip back to Alabama. When we arrived home, there was a $50.00 check in the mail from a distant relative who had heard about my father’s passing. So, my trip to Houston for my Dad’s funeral had been a free trip with a little bit (sorry a BIG bit of help from God) of angelic intervention. I kept that unused ticket and boarding pass for quite some time intending to research the name, etc. in Houston. But I never made an inquiry and wonder if God just wanted me to enjoy the experience as a divine blessing without trying to figure it all out. It always pays to serve God.


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