Posted by: directortom | October 3, 2012

The Bottom Line

So what is the “bottom line”? It’s that horizontal line at the bottom of the contract. You know the one. The line on which you sign your name agreeing to the terms of the contract. It can also be the line on which you sign to give your permission for just about anything else in life. Acknowledgement of a traffic violation, or receipt of an important package. Perhaps, it may even be your promise to love, honor, and obey the person to whom you’ve just been wed. However, it is to another bottom line that I speak today. It might even be the most important bottom line of the near future.

In today’s world of extreme busyness, everyone is more interested in the “bottom line” than in the details. Oh, not that the details are less important. For example, if we are talking politics, and who isn’t lately, these details or platforms or ideologies are paramount to our understanding of how to vote for a particular candidate. I was talking with a close friend today about just that; the platforms of both major political parties in the 2012 presidential election. There are other candidates running for this esteemed, most powerful office in the civilized or other world. But lacking financial, nationwide support, little will come of their efforts except to draw votes away from the “other two”.

Yet, how can we not be fully aware of the details of such an office, the winner of which will give leadership and direction for the next four years? I fear that most of us are oblivious to this most vital “bottom line”. We refuse to take the proper time to understand what each political party is about. Therefore, we choose to make our decisions based on “other” things. Race, entitlements, historical factors, and general opinions of the mainstream media moguls. (We can certainly trust the mainstream media, right?) I would like to suggest a better bottom line if that’s what we all want. And here it is.

My friend, also a Christian Pastor like me, agrees with me that only one factor is important in this election.  That factor is, of course, Almighty Jehovah God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Now then, what does God think and what does He have to say about this election? Much! And I quote His very words found written in

Genesis 12:3 NIV

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all Peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
Here in this passage, God is speaking directly to Abraham with reference to Israel. In other places and often, God continued to promise that those who would bless Israel, He would bless. Those who would curse Israel….well, you get the idea. Therefore, the bottom line for who to vote for in this election is clear to me. I must vote for the candidate who is most likely to bless Israel. Neither political party thrills me. The Democratic Party Platform is of the extreme far left liberal flavor. The Republican Party is not that much better except in their conservative views on faith. No longer can I be encouraged about the details of any party. I must rest on the bottom line of godly principles. And that is how I will vote. Godly principles and the man who comes the closest to maintaining the blessing of God for this nation.Who knows for sure but it might just be one of the “other” candidates running for president. That, my friends, is the bottom line. Not only do I rest in my choice, I am assured that when facing God one day, I will receive a blessing for blessing His children. Naturally, I have made sure that all other salvation issues being previously established through the blood purchased contract for my eternal life have been sealed by my faith.
If you are looking for a “bottom line” on which to make your choice for this nations’ future, I give you one and only one option. How does God feel about these things? Since you have read this blog, You know! Therefore,
Sign here on the bottom line if you agree.


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