Posted by: directortom | October 6, 2012

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So what is the “bottom line”? It’s that horizontal line at the bottom of the contract. You know the one. The line on which you sign your name agreeing to the terms of the contract. It can also be the line on which you sign to give your permission for just about anything else in life. Acknowledgement of a traffic violation, or receipt of an important package. Perhaps, it may even be your promise to love, honor, and obey the person to whom you’ve just been wed. However, it is to another bottom line that I speak today. It might even be the most important bottom line of the near future.

In today’s world of extreme busyness, everyone is more interested in the “bottom line” than in the details. Oh, not that the details are less important. For example, if we are talking politics, and who isn’t lately, these details or platforms or ideologies…

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