Posted by: directortom | January 6, 2009

The Prime of Life

We’ve all heard the expression, the “Prime of Life”. What does it mean? For most of us, I think it simply means the younger years where health, appearance, vigor, and general life outlook is at the best. If we’re over 40 or 50, and observe younger, perfect physical specimens in their 20’s or even 30’s, we often wish we could go back to those years, especially with the knowledge about life that we now possess. I often notice film actors early in their careers and wonder if, when they reach their golden years, they have that same wish. That wish to look and feel young and vibrant again. I look at myself. My background photo on my space was taken in the “younger” prime of my own life when I took a 10 day trip to Hawaii. “Oh”, I say to myself….”to look and feel that great again” But it’s not possible. Or, is it?

Is there really some type of “fountain of youth” elixir, potion, or other process that could keep me young or even return me to my physical “prime of life”? Well, my friends, I am happy to report to you that yes, in fact, there is a way to return to our prime of life and live in that happy state….FOREVER! Now, hang on and understand the way to that eternal prime state of existence. It will not disappoint. It will not deceive. And once there, one can never be removed from that life. It is the eternal life that is provided, arranged, and given freely to all who will receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and Master their life. There IS life after death. There is a renewing of our old physical body and mortal state of existence when He takes us to Heaven to live with Him forever. He said in His Word that He came to offer life, and life abundant!

Okay, now perhaps I’ve lost some of you. But regardless of how you feel about such things, these things are true. Your personal belief, one way or the other, will not change these facts. If you would like more “factual” information about how to obtain this eternal life, send me a message and I’ll give you simple steps to this abundant life. I WILL tell this though….one must die to receive this new life. But, as nature so vividly tells us, death often brings new life. Here in Chicago, my lush green lawn dies every winter…but in early spring, it rebounds to that fresh, green state of life again. In a similar but more exciting way, death as a true follower of Christ brings eternal life as we receive a “new and improved” body that will clearly reveal to all that we have been transformed to our “Prime of Life”. Oh, there is an alternative; but, you would not want that under any circumstance.

You may have missed out on many wonderful and great opportunities in life, like being best friends with your favorite movie star or getting front row seats to a Barbra Streisand concert with a private party afterwards….but you don’t have to miss out on the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to you. I’ve made my plans for the prime of life forever. Have you?

Have a blessed day….but more; a blessed eternal LIFE!






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