Posted by: directortom | January 5, 2009

Thoughts to Ramp Up An Ordinary Day

The other day I was thinking about how mundane and ordinary most of our days seem to be. Oh, other days can be quite exciting and wonderful, especially when God really moves in and allows one to sense His essence. But at other times, I often struggle to wonder if I’ll ever have fun again like I did when much younger. Although today is not one of those boring and uninteresting days, I began to think of some of the great things I’ve been blessed to actually do. I call them, Memories of a Lifetime. I’ll share some of  them with you:


God Calling Me into Ministry
My Wife Sheila
My three Kids!                                                                                                                         All Those Wonderful Times in New York!
Playing Lead Trombone in The Memphis Opera Orchestra
Taking a chopper ride in the Gulf and landing on an oil rig
Scuba Diving-Bahamas
Producing “A Time For Christmas”
Marty Faulkner’s Fantastic Sets & Props!
Producing & Directing “Liberty” in Orlando
Working With Tony Bennett
Working with Bob Hope
Meeting and Working With Elvis
Living/working in Las Vegas
Lunching w/Donna Douglass
10 days in Hawaii with Sheila
Hanging out with friends in St Thomas/The Virgin Islands
Shopping in Key West Florida
Gathering shells on Sanibel Island
Yachting in the Pacific
All those great dinners in Malibu
United States Navy Band
Directing Gary Loftin’s role as Herod
Seeing my daughters in Grease/Les Miserables
Suez Canal Tour
Oh, those times in Cannes, France! (and the seaside town of Nice, also)
Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge
Barcelona Spain Bullfight
Embassy Party-Honduras
Two weeks in Quebec!
Writing the plays, “The Homecoming” and “Coming Home”

Now then; as I think back on those wonderful times, I feel again the thrill of living; really living and taking in the experiences God as allowed me to enjoy. How could I ever complain again? But as much fun and thrill that came from those memories, there is yet so much more to enjoy in my future. Really, Tom? Yes, really. It all begins when I die.

WHAT! Die? Yes, die. Actually, that’s when I begin to live. Heaven. It’s not a pipe dream or just a wish. By having accepted Jesus Christ, I have all the promises so vividly expressed in God’s word concerning my eternal abode. In my new city of residence there will be streets of gold, no night, the warm glow of God’s visual presence as well as a reunion forever with my previously departed family and friends. My dear Uncle Bob who died tragically when I was only 12. And countless other unfulfilled relationships. Talk about priceless!

I tell you the truth, there is no way to really understand the complete joy that is being planned for me in that wonderful place. At present, my “mansion” is under construction. It will be a “dream” house. The decorations will be with my favorite colors. The tile and wood will be all that I ever wanted. Those who are assigned by my Lord to do the construction are using celestial tools to complete the work. Fresh spring flowers are being permanently placed in various places and will forever give off their fragrance; no leaves or blooms will ever drop.

The furniture will be all that I ever wanted and more….leather assignments will be done with no animals having died in the process. The dining room will be spacious and have room enough for all my invited guests. Those guests will include David, Joseph, Lazarus, Daniel, Luke, and a host of other divine luminaries. There will be no cancellations due to illness, work, or stressed relationships. Jesus will come from time to time as His schedule permits; and I will know His schedule long before the planning of my dinners. Those who will prepare the meals and serve will be designated angels. There will be no waste or garbage or clean-up. We will talk of the ongoing greatness and peace of the Kingdom and of memories that may be permitted for discussion. When Jesus attends, there will be answers to group questions as He directs. Others who may attend will be family, friends, and you, of course, if you are part of that select Bride of Christ family. (Make sure you at least have your “heavenly reservation” to the Kingdom!)

So, tell me? If all of this is true, then why do I hesitate to go there just now? Good question, glad you asked. I think if we could all just go to sleep one evening and wake up in Heaven the next morning, we’d all be tempted to go. Well, especially when dark days and times approach. Ah, that is the thing we secretly think about, is it not? But as you well know, we are so attached here to our loved ones; family, friends, hopes and desires yet unfulfilled in this life. You could probably think of hundreds of other great reasons why God sustains our lives here. We remain, I think, so as to fulfill as that He has designed for us. But that day will come soon enough.

Now then, regardless of the great times you’ve had on this planet. Regardless of your unfulfilled dreams; make sure you have your reservation! Let’s plan some good times together! If not here…then there for sure.

God Bless You!



  1. It certainly sounds like you’ve had a full, wonderful life! And adventures yet to come! 🙂

  2. You are very kind and I appreciate the time you sacrificed to read and comment.

    Thank you!


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